Water Coolers Perth | Rent or Buy

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We believe in cost effective, high quality drinking water and the benefits of water filtration. Not only does it improve taste but also has health benefits for students, colleagues or employees in the workplace, especially in Western Australia where the water supply has to be heavily treated to make it fit for drinking. A water cooler during summer will mean healthier staff and pupils, helping people stay hydrated in the heat, with chilled pure tasting drinking water.

Water Coolers are ideal in company showrooms and workplaces

All our water coolers are designed to work with mains water as we build in the water filter. Choose from bench top or floor standing, plumbed in or tap fill. Tap fill is not only far more convenient for you but also much less expensive than purchasing refill water bottles.

Choose the temperature that suits your needs, our coolers provide you with chilled, hot and ambient water.

Our in-line water filters can also dramatically extend the service life of your water cooler, all our plumbed systems require attachment to internal plumbing. Available for purchase or rent, get in touch for a tailored quote to meet your requirements.

Bubblers and drinking fountains for Education and Health Facilities

The RM Blizzard Point of use Bubbler is a top of the range drinking fountain, dispensing chilled, filtered water. There is no need for cups with this sturdy rustproof water fountain. Ideal for schools, hospitals, gyms and workplaces providing large-scale water supply to their staff or students.

Water Coolers and dispensers for Rent

We not only sell but also offer lease options from as little as $13.20 a week, this price includes installation and plumbing. We will replace the water filter ever 6 months as well as a comprehensive maintenance service, all this for around the same price as a 15L bottle of water.

Installation and Filter Change Services

If you choose to purchase one of our coolers we can install and provide ongoing filter replacements, talk with us to discuss the option that is best for you, our team are happy to provide a competitive quote.