About Us

We are based in Perth, providing total filtered water solutions for your business or at home for domestic use, we source only the best filtration equipment and can supply and install any filtered water unit in the workplace or home. Aqua Léau service Perth and Western Australia with affiliates throughout Australia, contact us for a free quote.


Why use Whole of House Water Filtration Systems

Protect your home from calcium scale found in your mains water supply. Calcium can build up in the pipes of your home and appliances reducing efficiency and life span. White calcium scale is difficult to remove so by reducing deposits cleaning becomes easier. Tap and shower fittings look great, shower screens will remain clearer and it will help protect your washing, leaving your clothes soft and pro-longing the life of your fabric. Enjoy clean pure water from every tap in your house.


About Nextscale Whole of House Filtration

The superior “Three Stage” water filtration system reduces the worst contaminants in your water without removing naturally occurring minerals, crucial for optimal health. The low maintenance easy to use filters remove dirt, rust, sediment, large particles, chlorine, harmful chemicals and odour while reducing calcium scale. Mounted to the exterior of the home and connected to the cold water supply Nextscale comes with a sleek modern triple stainless steel cover perfect for concealing the filter system. Strict quality control and pressure testing allows us to provide a 5 Year Manufacturing Warranty offering peace of mind.


Zip for Instant Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling Water

Zip has become a household name when it comes to boiling, chilled and sparkling water in your home or office. We stock Zip products because in our opinion they are the best filters and taps on the market. We believe the new heat and lock safety features make Zip, one of the quickest and safest brands.


Installing Zip systems in your home or workplace.

Our technicians are experienced in installing, fixing and replacing all types of Zip products whilst also having a wide knowledge of water filtration. If you would prefer to use your own tradesman, for example if you are installing a new kitchen, we can supply any Zip products without installation, get in touch for pricing.


Chilled Filtered Water Coolers

We believe in the benefits of water filtration, not only improving taste but also having health benefits for your employees or colleagues, especially in Western Australia where the water supply is heavily treated to make it fit for drinking.


Water Coolers for your showroom or workplace.

All our water coolers are designed to work with mains water, bench top, full standing plumbed or tap fill. This is not only far more convenient for you, but also much less expensive and our in-line water filters can dramatically extend the service life of your cooler. We also provide a rental and comprehensive maintenance service to businesses throughout Perth and parts of WA, enquire with us to find out if your region is included.


Bubblers and Water Fountains

We supply top of the range bubblers which can replace your water cooler, dispensing chilled, filtered water from a fountain and a chromed bottle filling faucet. There is no need for cups with this sturdy rust proof water cooler, popular with many clubrooms and business around the Perth region.


Under Sink Water Filters & Taps for home or office

We have a large range of Under-Sink water filters including taps available, most of our water filtration systems are designed using what we call our Quick-Change system. This is a simple twist in twist out system, once the tap and filtration unit has been installed simply purchase the replacement filters and install them yourself.We offer a comprehensive filter replacement service for all types of domestic and commercial water filtration systems, if you are unsure of your requirements please call or request a technician to visit and install for you. Our technicians operate in the Perth Metro and surrounding areas.


Reverse Osmosis water filtration - removes fluoride and heavy metals

Reverse Osmosis or RO filtration as it is also known removes fluoride and lead from your water resulting in 99% pure water, where most under the sink water filtration systems will only remove sediment, chlorine and some harmful chemicals. Reverse Osmosis is the ultimate form of water purification.