Reverse Osmosis Systems Perth

Reverse Osmosis

If you are looking for the purist water RO systems are for you, removing sediment, chlorine, lead and fluoride, filtering 99% of contaminants from your drinking water. Most under sink filters will only remove, sediment and chlorine to improve taste.

RO filters, purify water by forcing it through what is called a semi permeable membrane. This think membrane only allows the pure water to pass through removing all the impurities even dissolved solids, leaving you clean pure water from your tap.

PuroTwist 4000 RO filter system

Aqau Leau uses PuroTwist, a 4 stage reverse Osmosis system for domestic or commercial use. This system fits easily in a cupboard under your sink.  We will install and provide ongoing support for filter replacements. We use, high capacity

RO System

replacement filters, the (Omnipure Q-Series) easily twist in and out for each stage of filtration.

Stage 1. Prefiltration. Sediment reduction cartridge

Stage 2. Pre-carbon Filtration. Reduces bad taste and odours, chlorine and chemicals

Stage 3. RO membrane process. 99% of all total dissolved solids are removed including fluoride removal.

Stage 4. Activated carbon filtration


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