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A whole of house system filters the water supply as it enters your home giving you cleaner, healthier, scale reduced water. You will notice the benefits of filtered water throughout your home, with healthier softer hair and skin, better drinking water, longer lasting appliances, find clothes and easier to clean glasses and bathroom surfaces alike.

Whole of House Water Filters – Economical and Eco-Friendly

The Next Scale Stop system is more economical and comes with extra benefits that a water softener does not have, it can provide a softer scale reduced water without the restrictions associated with salt softener systems.

Imagine a water treatment, that doesn’t use salts, is zero discharge compliant, with no need for electricity, and what’s more your water still contains the ‘beneficial minerals’ that other whole of house systems remove.

Scalestop doesn’t replace the conventional water softener, it is a superior alternative tried and tested for over 9 years in the US and Europe, and now, here in Australia.


  • No salt or other regenerates required.
  • No water waste from backwashing.
  • Media operates in Upflow condition.
  • Flow rate (water pressure) is not reduced
  • No control valve or electricity required.
  • Extremely efficient – 5 sec contact time regardless of hardness level, a Conventional Ion Exchange resin requires 90 seconds.
  • No brine discharge. Can be used in areas where conventional water softeners are banned.
  • Long lasting media-not consumed by the reactions.
  • Unique “Template Assisted Crystallization” (TAC) technology induces the formation of microscopic calcium crystals which effectively isolate hardness from the water chemistry.

How Whole of House Nextscale Works:



Atomic-level “templates” (nucleation sites) on the surface of small specially treated polymer spheres convert dissolved hardness into microscopic crystals.

Once the crystals grow to a certain size they are released from the bead. The crystals are relatively insoluble, effectively isolating the CaCO3 from the water chemistry and anything the water contacts. It is then passed through your system without sticking to pipes and appliances, potentially damaging them.

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