Whole of House Water Purifying Systems

whole of house water filtration

Whole of house filtration by Nextscale removes scale not minerals, many minerals in water are actually good for you, unlike other water softening systems that remove the beneficial minerals along with scale. The Nextscale system simply renders them harmless in scale build up while preserving the nutrients in your water.

The three filters remove the worst contaminants while retaining those minerals crucial to optimal health. Remove: dirt, rust, sediment, large particles, chlorine, harmful chemicals and odour while reducing calcium scale.

Not only will your home look better, with easy to clean showers and tiles, along with longer lasting appliances and fabrics, but you will feel healthier. With filtered water throughout your home, hair and skin will feel softer and glossy, glasses will shine clear and your clothes will feel softer too, not to mention drinking water will be better tasting quality water. The whole household will enjoy the benefits.

Nextscale Manufacturing and Warranty

The whole of house water filtration system is manufactured in America, strict quality control and pressure testing allows us to provide a 5 year manufacturing warranty, for peace of mind.

Easy Install by a qualified plumber

When you purchase a water purifying system for your home we include a qualified plumber to install the whole of house filters. Mounted to the exterior of your home and connected to the water supply without the need for a power connection or wastewater drainage. The system can be installed with minimal disruption to your home.

Whole of house filtration accessories

There is the option to cover the three filters with our stainless-steel cover, keeping everything tidy and free from the harsh weather.

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