Water Quality Issues – Hard Water

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Hard water is caused by a higher than usual concentration of calcium and magnesium salts in your water supply.

Whilst being safe to drink hard water causes scale build up on your kettle and hot water systems and prevents your soaps from lathering properly leaving your clothes and dishes dirty. The scale itself affects the water flow and temperature of your hot water as well damaging the pipes themselves.

Short Term Solution:

There is no hard and fast rule with hard water. You can put a slice of lemon in your kettle to clean away some of the scale build up. You can release the pressure valves in your hot water systems for a few seconds every fortnight to help fight build up in your water pipes and avoid calcium staining by immediately washing wet surfaces after your water use.

Water Filtration Solution:

There are two main options available to remove hard water and the problems it causes. Each deals with the calcium and magnesium salts in their own way. You can use a traditional softener system that removes the hardness causing minerals from your water supply. These can be attached at your sink (often used in commercial kitchens), or more common is the whole of house water softening system that filters the water as it enters your house.

The second option is the descaling system. These do not remove the minerals like a traditional system but prevents them and other hardness causing metals from building up. This system is cheaper to install than your regular water softeners and is also much longer lasting, only requiring cartridge changes every 3 or 4 years compared to the electric or salt based systems.
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