Under Sink Water Filters

Under Sink Water FiltersWhether you are looking for a home water filter or office system Aqua Leau can provide you with the option that suits your requirements.  A quick change under sink system is cost effective and simple to install in any kitchen. We sell replacement filter supplies and install new units for domestic or commercial use, call us for more information.

Twin under sink commercial or domestic

Twin under sink filters will remove both sediment and carbon which we recommend for better drinking water, these can be attached to a separate faucet to your existing water tap. The blue Omnipure filters are swapped over, we provide a

service for our commercial customers and come out to you to replace them as required.

If you prefer a single filter we also sell and install a single carbon filter.

Triple system domestic softener

This is a three-stage system, sediment, carbon and softener filters are used. Sediment removes the dirt, mud, rust and other particles while carbon reduces chlorine and other chemicals to improve your water quality and taste. The third stage is softening the water, bypassing hard water through a resin bed, the hardness causing salts are exchanged with sodium salts, this process also reduces copper and lead in your water.

Aqua Leau uses (Omnipure) Quick change filters:

  • Q5505-60 – Sediment filter
  • Q5540-60 – Carbon filter
  • Q5564-60 – Softener filters

If you are looking to replace your current filters, we will deliver via courier or pick up from our Mayree location, see below our install guide for details on how to replace filters at home. If you are a commercial customer get in touch and ask about our replacement services.

Download our domestic under sink install guide:

HiFlow water system

We also have a HiFlow Water System that filters water through your mixer tap, this means you only need one tap above your sink filtering all water.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

We use PuroTwist reverse Osmosis systems both domestic and commercial available, find out more

If you would like to discuss the best option for you get in touch, we have been installing water filtration systems throughout Perth and Western Australia for over 10 years.