Health Benefits of Whole House Water Filters

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Did you know that whole house water filters can improve your health? We live in a highly polluted world – and this is particularly true for our water resources. There is hardly a water resource on Earth that has not been affected by pollution. Although polluted water is concerning thought, today we have the option of installing whole house water filters, filtering every drop of water we need and use in our homes. These filter systems offer several health benefits for your whole family. Here are three top health benefits of using one of these filter systems:
Preventing skin allergies or rashes

Are any of your household members suffering from allergies or skin rashes? Cities around Australia treat their water supply with disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramines. These disinfectants serve an important purpose – sterilising our water supply to ensure that it is germ and pathogen free. But unfortunately, disinfectants are among the harsher chemicals around, and their use is even being challenged by authorities in some world regions. It is not uncommon for the disinfectant chemicals in our water supply to cause skin allergies, skin irritations and rashes. But by using a whole house water filter, you can safely and effectively avoid contact with harsh disinfectant chemicals.

Preventing digestive and gastric disorders

Digestive and gastric disorders are extremely common, but how many people know that water contaminants contribute to digestive and gastric disorders, even ordinary stomach flu? Drinking filtered or bottled water is already a step forward, but what about the water used for cooking, washing showering? That’s where the benefits of a whole house water filter come in. Water authorities need to rule out a list of 100 contaminants or more. But official water regulation and treatment aside, it makes sense to take responsibility for your own household water too, filtering at household level.

You can effectively treat all water used in your home, giving you a head start to good health. We hardly know about all the contaminants and pollutants in our homes which contribute to ordinary ill-health conditions. If your family’s health is important to you, why not contact the Aqua L’eau team on 08 9330 1466 for their expert water filtering advice or go to our Whole of House Water Filtration

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