What are the benefits of Filtered Water Fountains?

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Councils fill the mains water with fluoride and other chemicals during the water treatment process. Although these chemicals were thought to be perfectly safe to drink, there has been much debate in recent times about the effects they have, especially on young children and the elderly. This debate has sparked fierce questions about the safety of drinking water throughout the world. To combat the problem, many health professionals have advocated the removal of specific chemicals from drinking water, leading to hospitals and doctors surgeries installing filtered water fountains.

Which type is best for you?

There are plenty of benefits to filtered drinking fountains whether at home, work or even schools and camps. The only question is which type you want.

The classic ‘water cooler’ ie: Bottled water fountains system dispenses chilled filtered water with the convenience of not only being portable but also cheap. However, small inline water filters are now so advanced and cost effective that most firms are moving to plumbed filtered water fountains.

If you are unable to plumb in a water filter there are now tap-fill style water coolers. These are very similar to the plumbed water coolers. Rather than buying the expensive bottled water and having to store your new and used bottles, you can fill up from your tap and the fountain filters and chills the water before reaching your mouth.

Healthy Filtered Fountains and Bubblers

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of discussion about the quality of the water that we drink and its overall effects on our health. In most areas, councils add chemicals to remove nasty substances from the water supply but offices and even homeowners have turned to much simpler measures to ease their worries – installing filtered water fountains. These simple appliances have built in filters to decontaminate water as its dispensed. So why have these systems become so popular?

Remove Nasty Pollutants

Although water from the mains is safe to drink, there is never a guarantee that it will be fully devoid of organic substances that could be harmful. Some older mains systems could still have pipes made out of lead and this could allow for small traces of the metal to seep into the water. These can pose a serious health hazard if consumed regularly. Filtered water fountains have an in-built water filters that are able to remove traces of metals such as lead making it much safer to drink in the long run and reducing any risks to our long-term health.

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